Friday, December 31, 2004

malleable jangle Posted by Hello

it's online

OOOOOOh here it is, a sneak preview for Malleable Jangle blogspot regulars. It's all online the big second issue is online now. Go to and you will have the opportunity to read some pretty impressive poetry from all around the world.
Sonja Broderick, Nicholas Bell, Glenn Bach, Barbara Phillips, Jeff Harrison, Sheila E Murphy, Guy Kettlehack, Mark Coburn, and Ian McBryde.

And now i've got to get off this and join the madness, 25 minutes to go, the music has just gone up a notch HAPPY NEW YEAR

Love and best wishes, Robby.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Yes it is a Thylazine and you all thought [well maybe not all of you] that they had killed them all off in the 30's, well i spotted this one and snapped this pic just the other day. Yes in Victoria but i'm not going to tell you where as we have enough trouble with tourists as it is.

what a dog of a day, a dingo of a day Posted by Hello
it's time!

Said Gough just the other day, and it's as hot as to blast the balls off a kangaroo, i'm talking Australian there, it's been a bonza beaut day today, but it's been a scorcha, a suffer in ya jocks kinda day, where you just sit around in ya undies moaning about the heat. My girlfriend likes to wear my undies for a reason i don't know, but then again i don't know why i like to wear hers. Oppps sorry i just thought i'd remind you of how cosmopolitan us Australians are, not that i am, but just look at Dame Edna Everage, that's one hot sophisticated babe. But i am rambling, and we were talking about the weather. Me and Mel went to the St Andrew's martket today in the hope of selling some books but we didn't get a stall, there were so many there. We nearly ran over a kangaroo on the way, Mel reakons they wait until the hear a car and then play chicken and i believe her. Anyway, it was nice chatting to you and keep the submissions coming and i really would like to read some articles about how you write such original poetry. Bye for now, Robby. And hear's a picture for you.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Well i've been a tinkering with my poetry website
Did you know that the second edtion of Malleable Jangle is going to bigger, more international, nicer colours, with greater improvements, sleeker design and all in all a much sought after publication. Calling for articles or reviews on poetry, poets and/or poetics.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

glassware galore Posted by Hello
Well it's been six days since that last post. malleable jangle has received many submissions which is extremely encouraging. I performed along with many others at the Monsalvat Poetry Festival which was a hoooooot. A great job done by the organizers, it must have been a logistical nightmare. The new colours and design for Malleable Jangle issue 2 are coming along nicely. And now i've had enough of talking so here's a picture for ya...