Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Malleable Jangle

Malleable Jangle
Just when you thought that you'd had enough excitement with the resurection Australian Football, and all that, along comes the very much anticipated return of that poetry journal: Malleable Jangle. "I told you so," yes - yes after a rather too long recess we're back.This is the return issue, no 9 Winter. It includes new poetry from Doug Draime, Richard Fein, Lorin Ford, Ricky Garni, Marthe Reed, Laurence W. Thomas, Christian Zorka, and an article by Giles Goodland on collage in poetry. So go to it and have a look around, it's at: http://www.malleablejangle.netfirms.com/ All the best, and good luck in Germany. Robert Lane.


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