Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fear and Loathing in Cairns: NO MORE

Hello from Warburton Melbourne Victoria Australia

We are back from Cairns and are living in Warburton.
We decided that we hated Cairns and that it was just all too silly so we moved back to Victoria after two weeks.
It was the most expensive trip our furtiture has ever undertaken. A two week holiday fifth class.
We just beat the Cyclone home
We thought we were going to die on the plane ride home
Thank you to all submitters to Malleable Jangle i really appreciate you patience.
It has been virtually impossible to do any work on it as we have been homeless and without computer for 6 weeks but we have just got a house in Warburton so things should return to some sense of sanity soon i hope.

I love feeling cold in the morning; such sensible weather.

Contemplating the hospitality industry


Anonymous rob walker said...

Hope things go well for you & your family in Warburton, Robert.
Don't stop writing!
You have a unique voice.
The world needs more unique voices!

9:13 pm  

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