Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stay tuned

Hello, it's been a while but there will be some new developments very soon. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Malleable Jangle

Malleable Jangle
Just when you thought that you'd had enough excitement with the resurection Australian Football, and all that, along comes the very much anticipated return of that poetry journal: Malleable Jangle. "I told you so," yes - yes after a rather too long recess we're back.This is the return issue, no 9 Winter. It includes new poetry from Doug Draime, Richard Fein, Lorin Ford, Ricky Garni, Marthe Reed, Laurence W. Thomas, Christian Zorka, and an article by Giles Goodland on collage in poetry. So go to it and have a look around, it's at: All the best, and good luck in Germany. Robert Lane.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

family spotted at poetry reading

Hello all, Malleable Jangle should be online very soon. A new job and specific problems have slowed things down a little but work is being done steadily. The good news is that we ventured out to our first poetry reading in well over a year. Baby Ben yelled out a few babbles from the audience. His first poetry reading and he made lots of friends; entirely unlike his father's first reading. Well that's all water under the bridge and we hope to be getting out a lot more in the near future.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fear and Loathing in Cairns: NO MORE

Hello from Warburton Melbourne Victoria Australia

We are back from Cairns and are living in Warburton.
We decided that we hated Cairns and that it was just all too silly so we moved back to Victoria after two weeks.
It was the most expensive trip our furtiture has ever undertaken. A two week holiday fifth class.
We just beat the Cyclone home
We thought we were going to die on the plane ride home
Thank you to all submitters to Malleable Jangle i really appreciate you patience.
It has been virtually impossible to do any work on it as we have been homeless and without computer for 6 weeks but we have just got a house in Warburton so things should return to some sense of sanity soon i hope.

I love feeling cold in the morning; such sensible weather.

Contemplating the hospitality industry

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hello from Cairns

Hello from Cairns, tropical North Queensland in Australia. Yes it's true, we have moved to Cairns and it is one opf the most beautiful places in the world. We will be processing all the submissions submitted to MJ for the summer submission but you have to bear with us as we need a little time to establish ourselves and buy a new computer. If you are in the Cairns or know of anyone who is, let us know because we would love to hear some live words. Yours in humidity, Robby and Mel.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Some of my own poetry if you care to have a read.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Spring edition of Malleable Jangle is now online. It features quality poetry from around the globe.
Spring includes these poets:
Glenn W Cooper * S.P. Flannery * Kenneth P Gurney * Lynn Strongin * Duane Locke

Peter Macrow * Peter O'Mara * Amy Trussell * Rob Walker * Dru Philippou

They say Spring is the best time to read poetry so why not drop by and stay for a while; you're most welcome. Here's to warm balmy nights listening to the wind rustle in the palm trees. This issue highlights the work of Peter O'Mara. Make sure you navigate through his unique concrete/visual poems.
So just in case you don't know where it is:
Best regards, Robert Lane.