Thursday, March 31, 2005

Issue 5 April issue online

Issue 5/April of Malleable Jangle is now online. Entitled: The Deep Blue Issue, it showcases some of the most important poetry from home [Australia] and the world [the big place].

New poetry from: Steven Brock, Malcolm E Campbell, Alison Eastley, Skip Fox, John Gascoigne, Jennifer Harrison, Janet Jackson, Peter Macrow, David Mortimer, Melissa Petrakis, Deborah Poe, and Lyn Reeves.

A big deep blue thank you to all Issue 5 contributors. I am sure their audience will enjoy their poetry as much as i did.

Best regards,
Robert Lane

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Information for published contributors to Malleable Jangle

Hello, this email is to inform published contributors to Malleable Jangle that the National Library of Australia has requested that they be granted permission to archive Malleable Jangle in their Pandora Archive. If you have any objection to your work being archived in this collection please inform me.
Email address:
Sincerely, Robert Lane

Monday, March 07, 2005



The poetry reading performs an important function in society, albeit, a grossly undervalued function. In years gone by, the carnival freak show performed much the same function. Way back then, citizens would visit the freak show as a way of balancing any feelings of inadequacy they might be having. What some have called the: “At least I’m not like them feeling”. This feeling helped citizens feel more at ease with themselves. Today the poetry reading performs that very same task.

I used to go to football games as a way of feeling more at ease with myself. I have never seen such a bigger concentration of freaks as what I’ve seen in a football crowd. I would sit silently amongst them, searching, searching for the biggest freak. And then I would find him, spit and globulets of meat pie flying from his open mouth, shouting insanely at the umpire. He would become my Powerfreak, which I would concentrate intently upon. I would repeat the mantra: “You are not him – you are not him”.

But I wanted more, Football freaks are not enough, anyone can become a Football freak. I was after a special kind of freak. And I found that freak at the poetry reading. Poetry freaks are better than Football freaks because your Poetry freak takes itself seriously. They strut and prance and preen, every one a genius. Well you can imagine my delight at discovering the poetry reading. Now there is not a weekend that goes by where I don’t attend a reading. I concentrate on a very different kind of freak now: the Powerpoet freak variety. And still the mantra can be heard within my head: “You are not him/her – you are not him/her”. Concentrate on finding your Powerpoet freak.

His name is Robert Lane, his name is Robert Lane, we are all named Robert Lane in death.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Brain which side are u on?

i have been teaching math [which i have to learn again]. i'm interested in whether the exercising of that side of the brain will have any affect on the other side, and whether it will affect how i write? i notice after i have figured out a few problems my brain really hurts, kind of how your body hurts after a good physical workout; a not too unpleasant experience. i wonder if the brain releases endorphines after/during mental exercise? I'll have to tell u my button up my nose story one day.


I can't think of anything to say at the moment
and i want to post something for March.
It's cold and miserable. How about that?
Oh, i've just found the lost outline to my second novel