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The poetry reading performs an important function in society, albeit, a grossly undervalued function. In years gone by, the carnival freak show performed much the same function. Way back then, citizens would visit the freak show as a way of balancing any feelings of inadequacy they might be having. What some have called the: “At least I’m not like them feeling”. This feeling helped citizens feel more at ease with themselves. Today the poetry reading performs that very same task.

I used to go to football games as a way of feeling more at ease with myself. I have never seen such a bigger concentration of freaks as what I’ve seen in a football crowd. I would sit silently amongst them, searching, searching for the biggest freak. And then I would find him, spit and globulets of meat pie flying from his open mouth, shouting insanely at the umpire. He would become my Powerfreak, which I would concentrate intently upon. I would repeat the mantra: “You are not him – you are not him”.

But I wanted more, Football freaks are not enough, anyone can become a Football freak. I was after a special kind of freak. And I found that freak at the poetry reading. Poetry freaks are better than Football freaks because your Poetry freak takes itself seriously. They strut and prance and preen, every one a genius. Well you can imagine my delight at discovering the poetry reading. Now there is not a weekend that goes by where I don’t attend a reading. I concentrate on a very different kind of freak now: the Powerpoet freak variety. And still the mantra can be heard within my head: “You are not him/her – you are not him/her”. Concentrate on finding your Powerpoet freak.

His name is Robert Lane, his name is Robert Lane, we are all named Robert Lane in death.


Blogger asgif666 said...

Do you write deliberately in e-prime? If not, you already seem to know it! If you do not know e-prime, check my blog, or alternatively, google! ;-))

6:30 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Well, maybe not, I didn't pay close attention to the last bit of your post, but never mind! lol

6:33 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Hey, footy freaks do not take themselves seriously, by those standards? Then I take myself seriously by neither footy nor poetry standards! lol

6:46 pm  
Blogger robert lane said...

hi Clair, i don't deliberately write in e prime, but i do express my self in strange ways sometimes. e prime seems like a fine way to remove labling. thanks for your comments, regards, Robert.

7:46 pm  

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