Sunday, February 13, 2005

gaps in the links, malleable jangle, mowers and billycarts

as you can probably see i'm having problems with my links. The html code is exactly the same for all of them yet there seems to be gaps toward the end of the links list. i haven't a clue why this is happening. if someone knows why? let me know, please.
been working on the Malleable Jangle website today, it's looking good.
also went and visited Jamie McTainsh, who is featured in Malleable Jangle issue 1. He showed us how to mow the lawn with the hand pusher cylinder type of lawn mower. Interesting stuff. Tested out the new Flymo i think it was, nice to handle and so light. There was another model which i mowed around a little with called a "ginge" it was an orange model, looked nice, but for me, handled a bit sloppy, and a little heavy. At one point we had all five out and various bit of lawn were getting a good mow. Jamie demonstrated how you must mow it one way, then the other, then mow it and mow it and mow it again, and then go the other way a couple of times. well what a delightful patch of lawn it produced. last time i went round there he was on a billy cart in the middle of the road with an old garden blower vac in his hands pointing it at the road trying to get some jet propulsion to that cart; i gave him a push.


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