Saturday, February 05, 2005

All set for tomorrow

Well the big day of the exhibiton is tomorrow. I've been baking pizza all day, we got vego and salami one. I still need to work on the speech though. i was thinking about a baby metaphor. About the incubation and birth of ideas but i haven't really had time yet. mel's been in bed all day with the dreaded morning sickness. i ate a wild apple from one of the old trees along the Warburton trail and it didn't taste too bad, kind of a Granny Smith but a little more tarte. perfect for cooking or maybe cider. Took the dog for a walk. it all starts at 1:00pm tomorrow. I haven't watched a movie for ages. I'll see if i can post a picture of some of Mel's artwork, bye for now, Robby.


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