Friday, December 31, 2004

it's online

OOOOOOh here it is, a sneak preview for Malleable Jangle blogspot regulars. It's all online the big second issue is online now. Go to and you will have the opportunity to read some pretty impressive poetry from all around the world.
Sonja Broderick, Nicholas Bell, Glenn Bach, Barbara Phillips, Jeff Harrison, Sheila E Murphy, Guy Kettlehack, Mark Coburn, and Ian McBryde.

And now i've got to get off this and join the madness, 25 minutes to go, the music has just gone up a notch HAPPY NEW YEAR

Love and best wishes, Robby.


Blogger mark coburn said...

happy new years robby.....the zine looks great thanks for including my poem....hope the party was dynamite,
nice blog............wired mark

11:47 am  
Blogger robert lane said...

thanks Mark for your poem and your thoughts, the party was a hoot, all the best for the new year

10:31 am  

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