Saturday, December 18, 2004

it's time!

Said Gough just the other day, and it's as hot as to blast the balls off a kangaroo, i'm talking Australian there, it's been a bonza beaut day today, but it's been a scorcha, a suffer in ya jocks kinda day, where you just sit around in ya undies moaning about the heat. My girlfriend likes to wear my undies for a reason i don't know, but then again i don't know why i like to wear hers. Oppps sorry i just thought i'd remind you of how cosmopolitan us Australians are, not that i am, but just look at Dame Edna Everage, that's one hot sophisticated babe. But i am rambling, and we were talking about the weather. Me and Mel went to the St Andrew's martket today in the hope of selling some books but we didn't get a stall, there were so many there. We nearly ran over a kangaroo on the way, Mel reakons they wait until the hear a car and then play chicken and i believe her. Anyway, it was nice chatting to you and keep the submissions coming and i really would like to read some articles about how you write such original poetry. Bye for now, Robby. And hear's a picture for you.


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