Friday, February 04, 2005

The rebirth of Phantasmagoria

Today we hung Mel's [my partner] paintings at the Warburton Arts Centre. The name of Mel's exhibiton is PHANTASMAGORIA.

Here's the Online Etymological Dictionary definition:

1802, name of a "magic lantern" exhibition brought to London in 1802 by
Philipstal, the name an alteration of Fr. phantasmagorie, said to have been coined 1801 by Fr. dramatist Louis-Sébastien Mercier, from Gk. phantasma "image" + second element probably a Fr. form of Gk. agora "assembly" (but this may have been chosen more for the dramatic sound than any literal sense). Transf. meaning "shifting scene of many elements" is attested from 1822.

The Phantasmagoria exhibition reflects this context because Mel's work is an eclectic mix of the mythical, fantastical, earthy, and metaphysical subject matter.

Well now you know what it's all about. Mel is suffering from morning sickness at the moment so she spent most of the time lying on the floor directing me where to hang the paintings. They should call it 24hr sickness, rather that morning sickness because it seems to linger for the whole of the day and well into the night. It look like at the moment the only thing the can stop it is sleep. however one of the symptoms is [yes you guessed it] insomnia.

Anyway they're all hung now, so all we've got to do now is make the food for the opening, and then turn up on Sunday and have a good time. I'm in the middle of preparing a speech for the opening.


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