Sunday, April 03, 2005

DVD watching

Hello, Mel's got a baby in her tummy by the way.

OK did a bit of the old DVD watching on the weekend. Firsty, the Football Factory, a soccer hooligan film described as Fightclub meets Trainspotting; a pretty good description of this film. What i found noteworthy, was the central character who refused to change. Refreshing in a world of Hollywood endings. Even after he has been beaten to a pulp he asks himself, "whether it was all worth it", and then replys, "course it was!". Another addition to the football thug genre which authorities must be dreading. In many ways it is a subtle film which does show the meaninglessness of football violence, but it may be glorified by some. I particulary liked the way one of the sociopathic leaders of the "firm" owned a florist shop, and delt with beauty during the week but come Saturday... well that was another story.

Mad Max, the original. Well what a cheap film. The titles very basic, and the film score by Brian May is dreadful, it's like they got the films mixed up. Completely innappropriate music, and it sounds like it has been played by the local brass band, there are no strings at all, the lack is noticeable. The language and dialogue is interesting, sort of a tough pseudo Aus-slang Shakespearean dialect. Humourous moment when Mad Max's wife is being chased through a forest, and a couple of pidgeons appear in her face from out of nowhere.

Mean Girls, is a film which shows how our elaborate social customs are really just a mask for our animal instincts. It is supprising how many act in society. Mel said the other day "It isn't supprising that the ones with the most money, are natuarally the greediest."

And Fargo, i just love the way they say Yah for yeah, very endearing.

And Scream, genre referencial and silliness.

The Poet Watch have awarded Malleable Jangle with the Poet's Award. It's Malleable Jangle's first award and one which i am very proud of.

Robert Lane.


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